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's not what you're look at. mitt romney was just talking the jargon of someone who does private equity and it's just not -- at the same time, though, in the last year he's told us that he can create jobs and knows the economy better because of his bain cap pal experience. >> but michelle, let me ask you, harvest companies -- buy companies and harvest them, where can you even find the most generous stretch you can, find job creation? >> it is unfortunate imagery and it's a rarafied field and this is the downside to the way romney has made his entire campaign, kind of a referendum on obama' private sector experience, he talks up a good game, you know, kind of inflating what any president would be able to do on the job creation front. so, you know, you run across something like this and of course people are going to jump on it because romney himself has made job creation and his ability to do that central to his entire candidacy. >> but, david, let's be fair. he does care. he, romney, has some compassion in an interview with nbc, he showed how he cared by promoting romney care. look at this. >>
no connection between that mitt romney and this mitt romney. you've talked about the remarkable things he's done on wall street. what he di with bain capital, what a great american success d y as well, there's a huge disconnect between that mitt romney and the mitt romney that we're seeing bumblg around on the campaign trail. it seems that while presidential elections elevate some like reagan and clinton, they diminish others like mitt romney. o fundamentally kind of technocrats and businesspeople look at what he did in massachusetts and say he got a lot of stuff done, worked with the rest of the government, et cetera, et cetera, got health care done, this is how government should function,ut athat ppen outheel obvio cagnil tt he was pushed into places, into corners, into positions that he may or may not actually believe in, but which portray him and create an image of him in very, very different light. and so now we are left with this kindf bum eling candidate w isn't even really sure wtis sedut saying he wanted to repeal the bush tax cuts. then he had his own 20% tax rate cut with no way to
, we talk about the 47% video, i'm hearing more and more people in the romney campaign as every day goes by, they understand more and more that they made a huge mistake with that libyan press conference. i'm not going to say that it was sort of that september 15th moment, the economy is sound, but john mccain last time, but i can't tell you how many pollsters are telling me that that was -- it made him look unpresidential. "the wall street journal" leading with their editorial today, "the libya debacle." the more we're finding out about benghazi, the more it looks like a gross security failure. and you know, something the romney campaign told me, this is the biggest mistake we made on libya. if you give the media a chance to talk about politics or policy, they'll talk about politics every time. and we get out in front of it, so all everybody talked about those first few days was the politics of it. but the policy looks, willie, more and more like a gross security failure. you've got so many warnings coming in and so many warnings that were ignored. now the administration, the lead o
class. >> reporter: while mitt romney talked with veterans about looming cuts to the military in the northern part of the state. >> 136,000 jobs will be lost in virginia as a result of this move. >> reporter: the candidates will spend time this weekend preparing for next week's debate ahead of the faceoff in denver both campaigns seem to be trying to lower expectations. >> we are looking forward to the debates as you know, and there have been difficulties. you have to give the president some credit for the campaign they're running. >> reporter: romney's staff issued a talking points memo telling surrogates to point out how well president obama has done in past debates. >> as president i'm going to have to make some tough decisions. >> reporter: the obama campaign issued a statement pointing out the president hasn't debated since 2008. >> 10,000 bucks? >> reporter: while governor romney got some practice in during the primaries. obama campaign spokesman says the worst-case scenario is if the president falls off the stage. susan mcginnis, cbs news, washington. >>> we told you ea
in advantages of this. paul ryan was talking about the romney ryan ticket new framework for the race. they said referendum on president obama's record. but it's decide how to best deal with the competent. here is paul ryan trying to set the stage. >> we can have a dynamic growing economy that produces opportunity or stagnant economy that fosters dependency. we can stick with the failed policies of last four years for the next four years or a brighter future. stalg nation versus growth, dependency versus opportunity and mobility. that is the classic choice and clear difference we are offering. >> reporter: that is sort of classic choice, a very broad assessment of the two competing viewpoints and agendas. there is a big discussion always about whether or not you win debates by fact points and trying gotchas or whether it's a question of demeanor and personality. you can go back to famous debates, al gore and george bush where al gore sed more intelligent things on the stage but his demeanor was so lousy he got bad reviews. so, with a full month of october dedicated to these four weeks, these deb
, thursday, will be romney's time to shine because we will all be talking about how he basically hit it out of the park? >> well, you know, chris christie has a babe ruth in him, likes to point to the outfield and put mustache on the hot dog. i don't know that mitt romney is capable of one. but what mitt romney needs to do is begin a real conversation that's months overdue with the american people about why his presidency would be superior for the next four years and this is his last best chance to open and begin a conversation that's three months overdue. >> so michael, let me bring you in. "the washington post" asked folks who will win the debate. 55% said president obama, 31% said mitt romney. what do you think they're basing that on? >> i think they're basing it on past performance and the observation that they think that president obama is a pretty cool customer in the sort of scenarios. i believe that chris christie has the right answer and the reason i think chris christie has the right answer is that 35 votes, 35 states pardon me, will already be voting by the time that debate begin
are talking about the fact that mitt romney wrote in the "wall street journal" on the president's foreign policy, plans to give an address after the debate that somehow during the debate on domestic policy, mitt romney will find a way to put the president on his heels regarding afghanistan, we've got three more soldiers killed overnight, this morning, as well as the situation in what appears to be the changing information or presentation of the information regarding the attacks in libya? >> well, i think if governor romney goes into this debate and starts asking president obama about foreign policy, i think he will lose an incredible opportunity because this is a debate about domestic policy. shifting the topic doesn't make sense. you're not going to win this election by trying to convince the american voter, the president hasn't done a good job on foreign policy. it's not the record. he's done an incredible job on foreign policy, incredible job in dismantling al qaeda, capturing top operatives, killing bin laden. those are -- that is a tough record for governor romney to kind of attack.
romney and that is we're basically talking about the stuff that he's been talking about to appeal to the republican base. the idea that obama is a restrictioni restrictionist, this is something that has emerged within the base of the republican party that animates them but we have seen that for four years. that image of obama does not have resonance with the swing voters. so romney has been pitching that to the base and he continues to talk about it and his campaign continues to put it out there. if you're talking about that in the debate you're not winning over swing voters and that's not romney's challenge at this point. >> karen finney, the columnist has said to romney go big. i really, you know, i'm struggling. i can't really imagine what going big would look like for mitt romney in the debate. i mean, seriously. what would he say that would be big and new in that debate? >> well, and also what would he say that would be big, new and credible in that debate. romney has two really key problems here. number one, he is, himself all over the map in terms of i'm going to, you know,
the media is saying. we've talked before about the romney campaign being very closed to media. being very disciplined. doing things their way. we all sometimes question it. and some of us more loudly than others. and they seem to stay on their own trajectory. >> didn't the libya sort of let's call it a gaffe, maybe agree on that, isn't that a response to like they're saying all this bad stuff, i didn't talk about afghanistan, wasn't strong enough at the convention, now i have to do something? >> i don't know that was so much a response to the media as it was, an opportunity they wanted to seize on. i don't think they did it right. but it was an opportunity they wanted to seize on. they were probably waiting for that opportunity to come for weeks and it happened to come then and they jumped on it. >> and i would say that's right. it's less of a jumping on the particular media narrative and more of looking for any opportunity of the president making any sort of misstep that they can jump on. they have changed directions, they went with the welfare ads for a while and then jumped on you didn
, when governor romney held a slight edge. joining me now to talk about it with his take, stephen hayes, columnist for "the weekly standard." so since the convention, steven, you know the president has increased his overall lead by five points, yet huge numbers of likely voters, want to show you this, 73%, think that many policies need to change. how is it possible, i mean that's a big number, 73%. how is it possible that an incumbent leads when so many voters want change? >> isn't that an absolutely fascinating result? putting those two poll numbers up against one another. i think explained by basically two factors. one, the president still has an advantage at likeability question. you know, one of these things that is hard to test and there are reasons, reasons that we don't entirely understand, that voters choose one candidate over another but in poll after poll, president obama, still has an advantage over mitt romney on the basic question of likeability. the second it seems to me is that for whatever reason voters do not yet have a clear understanding of how exactly mitt romney wou
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think he was talking about the broader appeal with the tax system. i think governor romney -- i just think it was taken out of context and it's easy for the media to spin something, a short clip of a youtube video when gov knorr romney explained what he meant. the election is not over. what we need to concentrate on, there are 42 days left and i'm much more concerned about what's going to happen between president obama and governor romney in the next upcoming three debates than in a youtube video on the internet. >> but if he says 47% of america won't take responsibility and, in fact, says, in effect, they're freeloaders, doesn't that speak to the core of who is going to be the president if you vote for him? >> yes. >> what could be more important than that? >> no, i agree with you. i am just -- listen, are these -- what do you want from me? i'm telling you these weren't great statements by governor romney. i'm telling you there is still time for his campaign to turn things around. >> all right. let me ask you, ted, and meghan is right, we have not confirmed the statements made on po
. in the prior panel we talked about the fact that mitt romney is leading among the middle class. >> what will happen in the middle east issue is before the election, obama will whack somebody, you know, to take responsibility -- even accounts with libya. he will do a nice drone attack on somebody. >> gretchen: interesting. >> and try to restore i'm presidential. i lead. and meanwhile, he not only leads from behind, he hides behind. >> gretchen: interesting point of view. i got to wrap it up there. thank you. it was supposed to go to a very sick person instead of perfectly a good kidney ended up in the garbage. how did that happen? some of the nfl replacement refs were so bad, they were fired bit lingerie league? two players from that league here with all the details i'm jessica and this is my emergen-c. keeping up with the kids is tough, so i drink emergen-c. with vitamin c for immune support and b vitamins for natural energy, i'm ready for whatever they get into. get your free sample at stay healthy and feel the good. >> replacement refs have a new slogan, close enough!
of the game. ann romney making her first appearance on the tonight show. she talked about the campaign trail, her five sons and then she called mitt chief? >> would you say he is frugal or cheap? >> cheap. >> cheap? [ laughter ] >> really cheap. okay. >> yeah, you want to know what does he when we leave the house? he turns off the hot water heater. >> he turns off the hot water heater. >> do you know what he does when we come back? he forgets he's got to turn the hot water heater on and he says cold showers, they're not that bad. >> gretchen: wow. ann says they still have a checklist in the house that reminds them to turn it back on. >> steve: she also says they really love to go to costco. let's talk a little bit about this, we talked a lot about voter fraud. there is a group called true the vote. what they did was they look at the entire state of florida and they're voter rolls. so they ross referenced the entire state of florida with only 10% of the state of new york because a lot of people in new york are snow birds and go down to florida. as it turns out w only looking at 10%, there are
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they can inspire our students. let's solve this. >>> presidential candidate mitt romney talking at the clinton global initiative but not before adding an aside about what he hopes to get out of the conference. take a listen. >> thank you, mr. president, it's an honor to be here this morning. i appreciate your kind words and the introduction is very touching. if there's one thing we learned in this election season, by the way, it is a few words from bill clinton can do a man a lot of good. all i got to do now is wait a couple days for that bounce to happen. >> rick santelli, after the election, we're going to talk a lot about what the markets do post-election day, right? >> yes, yes. and i'll tell you what, my notion of what's going to occur on november 7th has really changed a bit the more i talk to people that run mutual funds, people that trade large positions, hedgies, so i have my buddy dan to discuss this and many other things. first of all, do you think that there are certain combinations, whether it's the republicans run the table or the democrats run the table, where we
people care more about the economy. i think governor romney has an obligation to talk about foreign policy, though. and the linkage is what i still think is their strongest case. why do you think the next four years would be any different than the last four years? primarily they've got to make that argument on the economy. i think making it on the arab spring and ton the middle east s not a bad political line. >> we'll get to the polls in just a second. i'll try this on you, john, do you think hearing paul ryan talk about president obama's foreign policy is going to move people from obama to romney? >> i'm not -- i don't think paul ryan matters very much, certainly on a foreign policy story. >> do you think it worked? >> i think there's a sequence of things that's going to happen here. this links up the first two. mitt romney has a paramount goal. he must get past this first debate and still have life in this campaign. if he can get through that first debate and as mark was saying earlier, convince republicans that he's still in the race, not have his fund-raising dry up, not have a
is talking about the fact that he wears very little to bed. >> but he is the president, and mitt romney is -- not the esident. >> the president is -- ol a tsy. >> but -- >> he's bold. >> wait a minute. but let me make this point. the idea that president is not in contact with world leaders is mind boggling. of course he's in contact with world leaders all the time. would it have been great if he had mit p mte netaahu d other leaders while they're here in new york for unga, yes, optimally -- i can't speak today, yes, it would have -- >> thee times slow. >> a great thing, but let's keep in mind, he's talking to those folks all the time. he doesn't nee to hand hold everybodveglmomef the day. >> president clinton did a good job dealing with this issue on "morning joe" when he said, look, he had an hour phone conversation with netanyahu last week. i mean you don't do necessarily optics number one and president clinton ma the point if you adyongot ecting wch forgn with,ou'r going to tick others off. if he just met with netanyahu and the libyan foreign minister he might tick off the egyptian l
by new jersey democratic congressman and jim gillmore to make the case for governor romney. there will be time to talk among your selves at my disgression. the first question is going to congressman big paskrel. 1.3% gdp 25 million people out of the workforce. mr. president, what is your solution to the prosperity and the recovery that continues to elude us? >> over the past 30 months we have had an increase in private sector jobs. but that is the direction we are going in. if you remember what happened before that, when the president raised his hand in january of 2009, we were losing 700 no,000 jobs a month. but the fact of the matter is we are going in the right direction now and we should keep doing that. the president supports the position on the creation of jobs and the government can't do everything but it has a responsibility. we have lost public sector jobs and we have laid off a lot of cops, firefighters and teachers. that is not the way to get the economy humming again. >> governor gilmorgilmore. aka governor romney, what is your solution? >> the economy is anothe
this go to competence? >> i think every day the romney campaign is talking about something other than the economy is probably a bad day for them. i think it's a sign of their desperation they have to make politics out of what was a terrible tragedy. and i think the obama administration has a lot of good things on foreign policy to talk about. he's president of the united states. i think, you know, the situation was unfortunately and all the information sometimes doesn't come out as timely as people would like because it's the fog of war. but i think people have great confidence in barack obama's abilities on foreign policy and how he's managed difficult situations overseas. >> john, as mitt romney has said president obama didn't level with american people about that. to that quote, here's what david plouffe said over the weekend. >> that is preposterous and really offensive to say that. once information was received, it was distributed. this record on terrorism takes a back seat to no one. >> is there a political danger in going after the president on this? does it look a little oppor
that carl was just talking about. this tape that was done of candidate romney when he was at the fund-raiser was extremely revealing and now has become terribly devastating to the romney campaign. and what it shows is, i think, a callousness and an attitude toward 47% of the people that we haven't seen in a candidate before. what candidate talks like that and says that, you know, i can't worry about those people and i'm not going to be able to change them and have them have personal responsibility. i mean, it's absolutely stunning to hear those kinds of candid remarks from somebody who wants to be president of the entire country. >> there's another problem with the remarks that the governor is hinting at. also, it's too bad there's not somebody from the romney camp to join us, people clubbing to guy today here on the show. but at the same time, those comments reflect an ignorance about america that is absolutely stunning. a lack of knowledge that i've never seen in a presidential candidate before. how could romney not know that those people are veterans, that those people are people w
or jobs lost and no one talks about how the unions got more control. if mitt romney is not going to get the word out. i don't care who will do the polling. >> gretchen: that is true. we talk about messaging and who is win thag battlement he need toz get to hoe though to get his message out he will be there on the bus tour. forget the polls for a minute. if you are the cand date right now. you need to lazer focus to use your term. lazer focus your message whether the polls are right and wrong. it is it about winning. get out there with your message and be more aggressive. mitt romney said he will not do character assassination of bark obama and he will nolt get more aggressive u. >> brian: he will not get personal. but he did something. lazer focused on independents. they are more focused on the deficit. he did with the message. i am cutting taxings. but i am going to peel back deductions and not cutting back so much. that is getting to the deficit. if you cut back in too much in taxes the deficit will not get touched. he's trying to get the independents. and they said the crowd was over
ask you? >> sure. i am definitely going to vote for romney. the change will be good. >> economy at the top of my list. if that is strong, even is strong. >> helen rice, owns an artisan market in littleton. she is anxious to see how president obama talks about the country's economic future over the next four years. >> i feel as a business owner the economy is still kind of shaky. it wouldn't take a lot to make that real unstable. but i feel like we made progress in the last four years. >> what factors in for her? >> i care about the middle class. people trying to make a living at their own business. so, i don't want to see the rich getting richer. i'm not that kind of businesswoman. >> you're a mom of three? >> three teenagers. >> business person? >> business person. >> debbie brown doesn't sugar coat it. she wants more women involved. that's why she is involved. as director of the colorado women's alliance. group that defines itself as researching and vo kateing on issues that women care about most. >> every woman's issue isn't birth control issue. a lot of us to who feel like p
you hear when you watch the cand dates on the campaign trail. talking about romney and obama. could mitt romney get more middle class families. 55 percent to 41 percent. why am i surprised at this? it was the campaign rhetoric from president obama that he is the guy for the middle class. it is romney who is rich and doesn't understand you and can't relate to makes it seem like you shouldn't vote for him? it is startling, by 14 points mitt romney has them. >> steve: middle class is worried about the bred and butter and pocket issues and look at behind the issues in the battle ground university poll where mitt romney is with middle class families, leading by 14 percent. only a third of them said we are heading in the right direction. >> brian: yeah, the president on the couch on the view and that couch is not as clean as ours. >> gretchen: i think it might be cleaner. >> brian: i think any couch is cleaner. on the view on the couch. he said i have a different view from mitt romney. i will build it from middle out. i don't know if that is economically what about the polls that has the
, the vice presidential candidate, has an even better plan than romney has, and that's junk the code, have two rates after exemptions, 10% above $100,000, 25%. that would get the economy moving. >> what mike was talking about, all of these tax cuts just add to the tax code, they don't make it simpler or smaller. >> i can get behind a simpler tax code, but i'm still suffering from the ripple in the force i felt when david asman told me i was right. i'm going to lose my liberal union card. steve pointed he likes the vice president's candidate program the president's candidate. all of you republicans seem to bant paul ryawant paul ryan for, but he's not. >> i heard you say no about the idea of tax simplification. why is that not a good thing? >> we're all basing this argument predicated on lower tax rates are going to stimulate things. companies are not using the industrial capacity they have now. they laid off workers because there's no demand. cut their taxes, it doesn't mean they're going to build another factory if people aren't buying their goods. it's lunacy to think this would fix the
was the one best received there. romney holding his partisan punches talked a lot about the world's problems. he says he has a plan to deal with u.s. foreign aid would in essence link it to trade and develop nations willing to open their markets there would be monetary and financial aid and assistance that would benefit them from the united states. an example of how top of the mind it is for this whole entire campaign and the candidate who hoped to focus on jobs and economy he did mention the world hot spots and the problems bedeviling the obama administration. here is just a sampling. >> a lot of americans, including myself, are developed, excuse me are troubled by developments in the middle east. syria has witnessed the killing of tens of thousands of people. the president of egypt is a member of the muslim brotherhood. our ambassador to libya was assassinated in a terrorist attack. iran is moving toward nuclear weapons capability. we somehow feel that we're at the mercy of events rather than shaping events. >> reporter: and mr. romney has argued on the campaign trail for weeks now that wi
by his candidate, mitt romney. >> i want him to talk about conservative values, especially economically. empowering small businesses. >> reporter: chris used to vote republican. not anymore. >> what changed my mind recently is it seems to have gotten away from taking care of the little guy. >> reporter: doug is undecided. >> i would like to see some details both from romney and obama mainly on tax policy. >> reporter: vice president biden charged today, team romney would hike middle class taxes. >> how they can justify raising taxes of the middle class that has been buried the last four years. >> reporter: the republicans jumped on that. buried by obama? in colorado, mitt romney took a break for a burrito bowl. >> how are you doing today? >> reporter: romney's number two, paul ryan, kept campaigning. >> the obama economic agenda failed not because it was stopped. it failed because it was passed. >> reporter: that's the kind of zinger sure to be heard tomorrow night. doug, andrew and chris say they hope to hear a lot of substance, too. a debate number one in their battleground state. >>
and romney laying out his plan for a pros pair path. lestarat tle so, steve, you have a theory for why foreign policy the talk of the town this week. >> well, because it's u.n. week. i mean that's the obvious. 'roi o on a limb here. >> i'm glad we built this up. i wouldn't be surprised if it's still something they're talking about after u.n. week and it strikes me that there's a lot of evidence, and even evidence from repuican polls that the ntrehe romney campaign that there are going to be swing voters, that economic frustration will ultimately lead them to say i won't ask questions. i want to turn to mitt romney, that too's just not working. the newest evidence today, republican polter david winston said 18% of his asked and 18% if they're better off than fou years ago. 77% whether they believe things will get better in the future. 48% say problems are caused by the past, 45% say the curnt economic policies are causing more problems. the romney campaign is basically losing. it's basicly a wash. kpta gin for other things and that's why we're hearing -- >> romney is ahead over veterans
to be talking about competing growth agendas, that ought to be good ground for romney. >> why is that message not getting out? what has he done that's not been effective? >> i don't know. maybe taxes, tapes, conventions. >> 47%, yeah? age ihis campaign.s thi i believe with governor kasich. before governor of 1990, the weekend before in the front page of the paper said i would lose 54-40. these polls are not what voters are thinkg often and i say thdisagn the economic issues. governor romney can't win on those issues, he won't win. but i think he ca >> well, you know, we've also seen and talked about this earlier in the hour about how there seems to be a change in rategy on mitt romney's part, goinout more with his vt shul candate,y gting ohe anin l m interviews. we're seeing a lot more of ann romney. here she was appearing on "the tonight show" with jay leno and "access hollywood" where she called her husband -- we don't have that but cald him the life of the party. ople, steve, helping to try to introduce your candidate at this stage of the game? >> well, i'd like to agree with governor angl
off. >> steve: stewart i talked to a number of business owners and they were reluctant to hire. if mitt romney is elected president of the united states. would things pick up? >> if he repeals obama care as he said he will . and new rules in legislation, yes, that will change the small nature of business. and a real tax cut to put a shot in the arm to small enterprizes. and cash to liberate for the use of the private sector and should get things turned around. these are personal opinions. >> steve: he seems to what he's talking that's why so many people watch him on fox business net work. >> eric: a crazed fan taking a bite out of danny. >> steve: some say the debate will be er. washington insider. coming up with the scoup, next. ♪ ♪ two people are dead. motorcycle club getting ready for a charity ride when several armed men showed up and started shooting. cops said they had a argument in the parking lot. an attack on adonai. he said a fan within to kiss him and bit his face instead . he is not pressing charges, but he said she might have been on the drug bath salts. gretch
. governor is not talking about tax cuts for the wealthy. he the wealthiy will pay under the romney administration as today. i love those ads. president said million new manufacturing jobs. how mr. president? four trillion reduction in the debt? really? simpson-bowls . you villain endorsed your own plan. it is it a great ad. no doubt about that and sounds nice and lukes nice . but no substance there. >> steve: over on meet the press. mr. christie said i wish you guys were as tough on the president as you have been on mitt romney he felt that governor romney would do well and the race will turn upside down come thursday morping he said yesterday. >> eric: he was going and some of the other surrogates were saying let's manage and expt low on the debates. but chris christie said the debate will be a game changer. thursday morning clear choice and new campaign started on tuesday morning christie saying it was tough talk for the new jersey governor. >> gretchen: if i were woon on the romney camp i would have him saying that. it grabs head lines and the attitude that people feel is missin
, talk more about here is what i will do and get this country moving. lori: romney today just says a win in pennsylvania would be a shock even though most people would agree with that. do you really go out and say that? >> he was doing a fund-raiser. lori: was he being self-deprecating? >> i think he probably was. 1149 states. the last one was pennsylvania. a tough state. elected a republican governor. a republican legislature. emblem. lori: where is romney most vulnerable? >> what he has to do, i mean, i think the key thing here -- lori: 47%. >> that hurt him. no question. and i don't think he ever intended to mean that in a derogatory way. it has been misinterpreted. what he needs to do and what i keep hearing from people all across this country is tell me what he will do. be more specific. i am going to repeal obamacare but then there are parts of obamacare that i like. he has to be consistent. i will get rid of government programs. i can't tell you which ones because i have to deal with congress. all of those may be valid statements, but it's not what people want to year. lori: gover
the place. >> now, you know, the romney folks, they're talking about the faded obama poster and kids are living at home with their parents and all that. what are you hearing from people? what are you hearing from those students that were big fans of the president, had a lot of hope and inspiration from him, but, you know, graduated from college, don't have jobs, might be living with their parents? >> sure. i've heard some of that before. i think that's an incredibly cynical way to reach out to young people in particular. that was sort of a bummer to hear, you know, the folks on the right say that. i think when we've been going out to college campuses what we are hearing is that, so in 2008 a lot of people came to support the president because they said, look, he is making all these promises, going to repeal don't ask don't tell, create new jobs, double things like the pell grant and make college more affordable. he has done all of that now. when they're coming out in 2012 to sign up to volunteer or to hear sur gats speak or knock on doors for us, it really because they've got cousins
to remember is just like at the convention, he's going after you. i was talking to a romney strategist the other day who said we need 60% of the white vote to win, and our numbers with white women are not good enough. that's what he's going to do. >> mike barnicle. >> gene, let me ask you -- >> yeah. >> -- representing the once and great news business, john's here. i find it absolutely astounding and was reminded by how astounding i find it by steve's polls a few minutes ago, that with 35 days left in the election, governor romney has still not had his feet held to the proverbial media fire in terms of specifics. what is his plan for social security and medicare and other things like that? it's astounding. >> it's astounding to me too, mike. i don't understand it. he's got to be specific at some point. look, he can go into the debate with one of two attitudes. he can go in with the attitude which i think he's had during the campaign. it's enough that i'm not barack obama. it's enough that i'm a business guy who is running for president and people should just vote for me because they ha
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